perpetuum mobile

2003. Monumental art commission from the Governmental Building Commission for the directorate of goods transport of the Ministry of Traffic and Water Affairs, The Hague.


On a plasma screen in the reception room of the ministry, the waiting public can see a serene video that is filmed with a camera that is constantly going forward. The camera is going slowly through different South European locations without being bothered by material barriers like windows or heights. When however, someone puts his hand under a laser beam that is hanging from the ceiling, suddenly the serenity on the screen is broken by hectic movements of busy offices, highways full of cars and fast riding trains.

In the Netherlands, there is a still growing need for mobility on one side and a need for calmness on the other. The installation reflects these juxtaposed needs in a playful way. It is a kind of module in which one can dose ones own portion of serenity or stress.


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