‘In Transit, Identity and Love in Europe’ in post production

‘In Transit, Identity and Love in Europe’ is a documentary film around the premiss ‘you will find the true Europe on a personal micro level’.

In the film we follow six people in Europe who live in the countries that still form the core of the EU: France, Germany, Spain, Italy and (for a short period still) England. Some of them do not live in the European country where they were originally born and define themselves as ‘Europeans’, but others are still very much based into their country of origin, when it comes to their sense of identity.

While at first they are very much confronted with the current political (and environmental) issues in Europe, like the Brexit, the Catalan crisis in Spain and the yellow vests in France, the film is also very much about their own lives: some get married, one loses his girlfriend and another has difficulties being lonely while she studies abroad. ‘I Transit’ shows the implications that politics have on people and it gives the recent political events in Europa a human dimension, but it also shows that people, except for their sense of identity, are intrinsically not very different.

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