broadcast of ‘Time and Place’ on NPO2 Extra

Friday the 3rd of April my film ‘Time and Place, a talk with my mom’ will be broadcast on NPO2 Extra. The film can also be seen on and Vimeo.

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Time and Place filmposter martijn Veldhoen2

Time and Place, a talk with my mom

The mother (Lotje Ruting) of the filmmaker tells about how her life has gone when she first came to live in a poorly maintained canal house in Amsterdam fifty years ago. The rapid career of the father (Aatje Veldhoen); the dramatic separation; her four children she raised alone; she tries to remember the whole story. But she doesn’t want her face in the picture and there are only a few photo’s. Her story is however told in an unorthodox visual manner. In the end not everything will be as ‘real’ as expected.

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